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The PA System...

The band comes with their own dedicated PA equipment for mixing vocals and instruments in to one quality stereo stage sound.

True quality 3x1000Wrms output power amps are used for most venues. Compact enough for the smallest of venues, but enough power for nearly an acre of floor space.

The system uses some of the best digital and analogue equipment around, producing a well mixed fully live sound with crisp top end, and plenty of club sized bass.

The band also own small amounts of lighting equipment; standard 8 can flood lighting, a number of multi effect floor lighting, and a smoke machine which is generally only used at large events.

All our equipment has been PAT tested. All that is required from you is an audience, a stage area around 6m x 4m or greater and a power source. We can also play CD music between the live sets.

A typical floor setup,
performing at a wedding reception.

Normally takes 1 hour to setup,
here, its done in less than 1 minute!

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